Protege training covering 7 modules, HRD-Corp claimable, MEDAC-compliant

Proteges need a little help to unlock their potential.  At Symphony, our training programme does just that in a fun and effective way.  MEDAC-compliant and HRD Corp claimable, we cover all 7 modules (and other elective modules like job-hunting).  At ratings of 4.80 / 5.0 for online and 4.92 / 5.0 for classroom mode of training, a typical remark from our clients is how they could see the change in the Proteges after our training.  

Our clients include Airbus, UEM Edgenta, CIMA, Prolintas, SME Bank, UDA, China Communications Construction Company, DEFTECH, Sri Wang and many more!

June public training programme is

open for registration!  

Symphony's Specials

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  1. Our training programme is MEDAC (KUSKOP) compliant, covering all 7 modules over 10 calendar days.  The modules and days may be customised according to what you want.  Elective modules like Microsoft Excel, project management and job-hunting can be incorporated.
  2. Our programme is HRD Corp claimable.
  3. We prepare the MEDAC report for you to submit, so you can focus on other things.
  4. If any Protege misses a module, they can join the next applicable module for our public training free of charge.  Yes, you read it correctly, FOC.  Subject to seat availability.

Public Protege Training Programme Calendar