SIDC CPE and FIMM CPD courses for your licence renewal.

Whether you are looking for public courses or HR looking for in-house courses, Symphony has over 200 courses to suit your needs.  Check out our public training calendar below.  Or, if you are in a rush to get your points, visit Doshu where the courses are always available from anywhere – confirmed!

2024 Public Training

Winds of Change:
From Global to Local


ESG Strategy: Supporting Bursa's Transformation Programme


Detecting Deception: Safeguarding Against Financial Scams & Market Tricks

16 May 2024

Bankonomics 101: Decoding Economics for Financial Professionals

20 June 2024

AI Demystified: Navigating The Digital Frontier

4 July 2024

Code of Ethics &
Market Manipulation

18 July 2024