Training Calendar



16th – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Digital Gold that Changes the World and Your Wealth (10 SIDC CPE Points)

18th – Stock Market Trading Strategies for 2018 (10 SIDC CPE Points)

23rd – Shariah Structuring for Investment Bankers (10 SIDC CPE Points)

24th – Supercharge Your Trading Profits with Structured Warrants, Futures & Derivatives (10 SIDC CPE Points)

25th – Investment for Beginners (10 SIDC CPE Points)


6th & 7th –  Cash Flow Modelling (10 SIDC CPE Points)


1st – Panic, Freefall and Meldown – The What and Why of Financial Crisis (10 SIDC CPE Points)

6th – BNM Shariah Parameters – Complying With & Avoiding Penalties (10 SIDC CPE Points)

20th – Tax Planning for Personal, Partnership & Small Companies

21st & 22nd – The Latest Tools and Trends in Digital Marketing – A Hands-On Training

28th – Going Back in History – An Examination of Bonds Gone Wrong(10 SIDC CPE Points)


4th – How Digital Marketing is Changing the Business Landscape