Limited Liability Partnership & Companies Act – 11 May

Limited Liability Partnership (“LLP”) was introduced in Malaysia at the end of 2012.  As a new business vehicle, it has so many advantages over the Sdn. Bhd set up and the sole proprietorship.  Yet, it has not been embraced by the business community.  Some bankers are not even sure what documents to ask for when an LLP wants to open bank accounts.  Its many advantages – the marriage of a sole proprietorship’s simplicity and cost savings from administrative requirements with the liability limitation of a Sdn. Bhd. – makes it a business vehicle which should be explored.

The new Companies Act, 2016 which comes into force in stages in 2017 is most welcomed.  It will simplify a lot administrative procedures and cut out some superfluous requirements of the Companies Act, 1967.  Most people seem to be struck by the no par value introduction and are scratching their heads on how it works, its treatment and the impact on Redeemable Preference Shares.  But could the confusion arise simply because, well, it makes things so simple?

Toll Road Financing – Challenges and Strategies for Financial Close

PNB announced that they are making an offer of RM380 million to buy SILK.  It would be useful to obtain more details on the valuation besides what was contained in the announcement.  What discount (or haircut) is the SILK bondholders expected to absorb?  Bear in mind that these are long-suffering bondholders who have been through the pain from SILK’s project finance default days.  Should they let SILK shareholders enjoy the PNB cash while they take a haircut?

Toll Road Financing – Challenges and Strategies for Financial Close

Financial Modelling Using 2010

  1.  Assertiveness for Managers
  2.  Business English for Communication
  3.  Coaching & Counselling Skills
  4.  Successful Supervision
  5.  Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  6.  Leadership & Human Relation Skills
  7.  Managing for Success
  8.  Managing Absenteeism
  9.  Managing Discipline
  10.  Meeting Management
  11.  Motivate Yourself for Success
  12.  Train the Trainer
  13.  Performance Appraisal
  14.  Problem Solving and Decision Making
  15.  The Manager as a Skillful Communicator
  16.  Turning Managers Into Leaders
  17.  Positive Working Culture
  18.  Practising Protocol, Refining Etiquette
  19.  Calling All Bosses – Turning Young Employees Into Really Useful Employees
  20.  Branding
  21.  Sales and Marketing
  22. Networking Bootcamp for Sales Executives
  23.  Quality Management
  24.  Effective Presentation Skills
  25.  Microsoft Excel – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Level
  26.  Team Building
  27.  Corporate Wellness Program
  28.  Strategic Planning
  29. Change Management
  30. Corporate Culture
  1.  Corporate Tax Planning.
  2.  Cross Border Taxation.
  3.  Implementation of GST for Companies.
  4.  Tax Planning in Wealth Management.
  5.  Taxation Planning for Infrastructure Projects.
  1.  Foundation in Corporate Finance
  2.  Roadmap to Initial Public Offerings
  3.  Applied Mergers & Acquisitions
  4.  Cash Flow Modelling for Mergers & Acquisitions
  5.  Valuation of IPPs
  6.  Bonds – Mechanics, Risks and Trading Strategies
  7.  Investing in Bonds
  8.  PFIs – Structures and Financing
  9.  Investment & Trading Strategies for ETFs & REITs
  10.  REITs – Benefitting from REITs and How to Set Up
  11.  Stock Investing – Picking Good Stocks and Market Psychology
  12.  Stock Indicators – Do They Work? A Case Study on Selected Stocks
  13.  Alternative Investments Schemes – An Evaluation of Their Attraction and Risks
  14.  Evaluating SPACs
  15.  Valuation of Intellectual Property
  16.  Personal Financial Planning (Islamic personal financial planning is also available)
  17.  How to Use Family Trust to Protect Your Assets
  1.  Contract Law for Non-Legal Professionals
  2.  Collateral – Its Meaning and Impact on a Company
  3.  M&As and Joint Ventures : Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls
  4.  The Competition Act
  5.  Personal Data Protection Act
  6.  Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act
  7.  Regulations in Employment Act
  8.  National Land Code