Assertiveness for Managers  Business English for Communication  Coaching & Counselling Skills  Successful Supervision  Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills  Leadership & Human Relation Skills  Managing for Success  Managing Absenteeism  Managing Discipline […]

 Foundation in Corporate Finance  Roadmap to Initial Public Offerings  Applied Mergers & Acquisitions  Cash Flow Modelling for Mergers & Acquisitions  Valuation of IPPs  Bonds – Mechanics, Risks and Trading Strategies […]

 Financial Reporting and Analysis  How to Prepare Consolidated Accounts  Accounting for Financial Assets  Case Studies: Fraud and Creative Accounting  Accounting for Cross Border Transactions  Spotting Red Flags in Financial Statements […]

 Accounting and Finance for Non-Finance People  How to Prepare Budgets  Mastering Bank Facilities, Collateral, Covenants and Negotiations  Financial Statements – Interpretation and Analysis  Techniques of Financial Analysis  Cash Flow Modelling […]