Training Calendar


Symphony Digest is a training company for professionals. If you need SIDC CPE points or you need to utilize your HRDF contribution, then explore the training programmes that Symphony offers!


10th – Investment Themes – 2018 and Beyond (10 SIDC CPE Points)  CONFIRMED!

25th – Build Million Dollar Portfolio with REITs (10 SIDC CPE Points)

30thHow Fintech is Disrupting and Complementing the Financial Industry (10 SIDC CPE Points) CONFIRMED!


14th – Insider Trading Case Studies and Global Developments (10 SIDC CPE Points)



22nd – Global Market Outlook, 2019


21st – New Investment Opportunities – Fads, Scams or Genuine

27th – Green, Social and Other Innovative Sukuk – Fad or Tried & True


12th – How Central Banks Manage monetary and Inflation Policies Through Money Markets

21st – Investment Themes, 2019 & Beyond

27th – Currency War

28th – Corporate Exercise from the Clients Perspective – IPO’s and Takeovers


3rd – Mastering Shariah Resolutions of the Securities Commission (Book 1)

4th – Mastering Shariah Resolutions of the Securities Commission (Book 2)

10th – Forecasting Market Movement – Interest Rates, Exchange Rates & Global Inflation

16th – 360 Degree Investment Analysis

25th – Recent Financial Scandals – the Many Faces of Greed


26th – Transitioning from Basel III to Basel IV and the Challenges on Banks

27th – Transforming Conventional to Shariah Compliance Stocks – Is It Worth It?


4th – The New Financial Revolution – Impact & Implications

11th – Shariah Resolutions of BNM – A Guide for Bankers

18th – Detecting Financial Warnings and Shenanigans

25th – Interest Rates, FX Forwards, FX Derivatives (Structuring, Hedging & Market Making)


1st– Palm Oil: Financial Analysis – Plantation New Development